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First White

First White is our most common services. With this service walls and ceilings receive 2 coats of a traditional White matt emulsion. As with most of our work this service is carried out before 2nd fix carpentry so as to maximise the cost savings for the client.


First colour

First colour is a slight variation on the first option. With this service the client can choose a colour instead of a traditional white. You can choose to have the same colour on both walls and ceilings or break it up by having white ceilings and a colour on the walls. The latter would not be considered a finished job but offers the best economic option when all the decorating works for timber and walls, with their varying colours will be full completed before moving in to your new home.


Getting your raw skirting, architrave and doors undercoated before been fixed in place is also a good time and cost saving option. This service can be carried out if your joinery has acclimatised to the internal environment of you new home.


A range of different paint finishes are offered. Please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss them with you.